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IMAB Group

We produce home furniture, serving large-scale retail, small-scale retail and the contract sector channels. Our ranges of modular furniture, made from melamine-faced particleboard panels that are sized and edgebanded, are specially designed for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

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Italian furniture excellency

Our story began fifty years ago, while our roots trace back to the early years of the 20th century. Over the years, we have gradually built up our business to become a strategic centre for the furniture manufacturing district of Pesaro and Urbino. We have also become Italy's leading manufacturer of modular bedroom furniture in terms of volumes. Today we are a highly integrated industrial organisation, with 10 production units across Fermignano and Canavaccio (Urbino), coordinated by a well-structured technological system.


Precise, fast and in vogue

Our business partners highly value our precision and speed, coupled with mid-range prices for quality products able to compete with the higher end of the market. Furthermore, we offer product quality and style that is constantly in keeping with the latest trends, thanks to a team of specialised staff monitoring market trends on a daily basis, designing and developing new home furniture solutions.


Manufacturing 4.0

"A production process with a high degree of digital integration enables us to impose strict quality control and to respond very swiftly to the market's needs." We manufacture and assemble 180,000 panels on three different production lines every week.

Vertical integration

Integrated logistics

Our large warehouse delivers major benefits in terms of logistics and continuous supply, serving the varying needs of our customers (batch shipments, compositions including the many finishes available, and partial assembly or flat-pack shipment on pallets).


Why choose IMAB?

There are many reasons for choosing IMAB Group. Naturally, our strong points include our experience and the quality of the products and solutions we offer customers. In addition, we are able to provide our partners - both our customers and suppliers - with an even broader combination of benefits and factors worthy of careful assessment.

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