The IMAB Group organisation

The IMAB Group organisation has been fine-tuned over the years with ever-higher standards and complexity. Our size in terms of employee numbers has increased over time: today we employ approximately 800 people (a quarter of them women), of 12 varying nationalities and with an average age of 41. To guide this development process, we have adopted the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.


To respond to the speed with which market trends change in the furniture sector, IMAB Group has established an organisational structure capable of identifying changes in consumers’ tastes and trends, guaranteeing our customers “fast and fashionable” products.

To ensure this, our company has a research and development team who, day in, day out:

  • analyse the materials already in use and select new finishes capable of improving performance and guaranteeing customers products that are always up to date;
  • in synergy with the prototype department, identify the latest technologies to manufacture new products;
  • design and create new projects which undergo a clearly defined approval process before engineering (new projects are validated every 3 months, intermediate warehouse turnover but with 2 years of service for discontinued products).

The internal organisation: people-orientation

We do more than the law requires, underlining our prioritisation of the human factor, helping to facilitate our employees as far as possible during the various experiences and problems life may present. Working mothers are able to switch to part-time working once they have used up their compulsory and optional maternity-leave entitlement. A people-centred policy that reflects the importance of individual needs within our management philosophy. What’s more, at IMAB Group no-one gets left behind! In the event of leave lasting more than 4 consecutive months, workers are offered back-to-work training programmes to refresh and update their previous skills. Our family focus is also reflected in the opportunity for nursing mothers or staff caring for family members with health problems to work flexitime, through their lunch breaks or shorter working hours, building up hours in lieu to be taken as required.

As a result of our commitment to integrating our safety management system, our FR (Frequency Rate: total number of injuries x 1,000,000 / number of labour hours) and SR (Severity Rate: [days of work lost + days of permanent disability x agreement / number of labour hours] x 1,000) have fallen drastically to levels far below the industry average.

Organizzazione IMAB
Organizzazione IMAB 2

ISO 9001

Certifies that IMAB Group manages all internal processes (from sales to purchasing and from production to shipment) with the aim of providing a consistent and exhaustive response to customer expectations.

In-house training school

Training delivered from 2016 to today

13,670 h

Commitment to safety: a long-established mission

We have been working for years to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment in strict compliance with the current regulatory framework. Our focus on occupational health and safety has become a keystone of our corporate culture, fostered at all levels within the organisation. A process of continual improvement, supported by constant training appropriate to the various roles, and the development and verification of procedures designed to identify and prevent any nonconformities and potential sources of risk. It was therefore a logical step for us to implement an organisational model for occupational health and safety management in accordance with the OHSAS 18001:2007 Standard.

TUV Nord

As of today, all production sites have been certified by the TUV Nord certifying body.

OHSAS 18001:2007

Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series

An International Standard certifying that IMAB Group manages its internal processes guaranteeing the health and safety of its employees in compliance with current regulatory requirements.