Vertical integration

IMAB Group, a vertically integrated industrial company

IMAB Group is an industrial company with sites across its local area. These sites are closely interconnected by means of a sophisticated IT system and on-line logistics, which provide the entire production chain with easy access to the order portfolio, raw material planning and procurement, production and shipment. Our suppliers benefit from material ordering systems using reorder points based on average consumption levels agreed with the supplier itself. This enables suppliers to forecast and be responsible for delivery quantities and schedules, allowing them to effectively plan work and consequently provide a constant and punctual flow of raw materials and components to our production sites.

Via Falasconi plant

Head office, offices + living and bedroom furniture production - small-scale retail channel

Via Pisacane plant

Logistics centre - small-scale retail channel

Via Meucci plant

Kitchen furniture production

Via Metauro, 7 plant

Living and bedroom furniture production - small-scale retail channel

Via Metauro, 17 plant

Panel processing

Canavaccio, Urbino plant

Logistics centre + living and bedroom furniture production - large-scale retail

Via Volta plant

Living and bedroom furniture production - contract channel

Via Fermi plant

Prototype department and publications store

Via Edison plant

Panel store

Via Metauro, 13 plant

Carpentry warehouse

“An industrial company with sites located across its local area that are closely interconnected by means of a sophisticated IT system”

The structure of the furniture industry, once featuring small independent, autonomous firms, has undergone profound change since the 1980s and 1990s. Subsequent to this change, IMAB Group has entered into close partnership with many local companies (suppliers, subcontractors, fitters, etc.) becoming a key source of business for the same. These partnerships enable us to effectively control of all phases of processing in the district, to achieve high product quality standards, guaranteed fast delivery times and a very efficient after-sales service.

Manufacturing 4.0

Technological innovation has always been one of our company’s strategic assets. Today, digital integration, the foundation of Industry 4.0, is a challenge we face every day with determination and major investments.
On the production side, alongside integrated software packages for monitoring and tracing production (SMART PRODUCTION), we are introducing software to simulate, sequence and pilot production through automatic material handling systems (the IoT).
To promote the integration of logistics and to support the computerised management of internal logistics (warehouses, orders, shipments, etc.) and external suppliers (warehouses, orders, shipments, etc.), we are developing department software for the dynamic management of our warehouses and related activities, from acceptance to the supply of production processes (Warehouse Management System).
To facilitate product development, the automatic transmission of processing parameters from the company management system and graphic configurator to CNC production machinery is now being combined with 3D product design software with a vertical add-in for the automatic generation of databases, component lists, technical drawings and CNC programs (from design to product in real time).

Shipment loads leaving our sites


Items of furniture delivered


Delivery times from 48 hours for standard orders up to a maximum of 4 weeks for custom orders