IMAB Group, 100% Italian-made furniture

As one of central Italy’s top furniture producers, we have always felt a strong need to dedicate some of our capabilities to the well-being of our local area, to transfer our company’s competencies and potentials to community projects, and to return to our hinterland some of the value the people who interact with us produce every day. During the last few years of economic difficulties in the industry and the district, we have effectively supported our local manufacturing and business system, preventing the desertification of the industrial fabric, the depopulation of the towns and the consequent economic and social impoverishment of the area where we are based. Our relationships with other producers and businesses have helped to foster a positive cycle of value creation and have encouraged a stronger community spirit. We are particularly proud of this.


Our responsible policies in relation to our local area and country have deep roots that reach back to the start of our history. In fact, by choice, the raw materials we use and our suppliers have always been Italian. A commitment which expresses our attention to the context in which we live and work.
We try to play an active role in many respects, not only with regard to production itself. Indeed, we work on a daily basis to grow people’s potential through training courses focused on the development of both technical and soft skills. Furthermore, we have established a training school for students and unemployed workers and have initiated many projects with local educational institutions (both secondary schools and universities) providing educational internships.

From 2016 to the present, the Training School for students and the unemployed counts:


With effect from 2016, IMAB has launched a “contamination” project with the University of Urbino, directed at developing innovative talents, ideas and models. We have created a functional and project workshop in which students and company staff interact to exchange knowledge and to encourage the generation of ideas supporting the business. In 2016, two grants were already awarded for the realisation of the first project. The aim is to welcome knowledge, skills and creativity, new energy and complementary points of view, into the IMAB Group: we want to ensure our company’s growth, and, in line with our philosophy of participation and community spirit, to give opportunities to fresh, talented young minds.