Our commitment to environmental sustainability

We have been fighting to protect the environment and to ensure the sustainability of our products for many years. As a responsible business, we know that this is our duty to the world, our community, our staff and their families. In addition to strict compliance with the regulatory framework on the environment and occupational health and safety, we constantly strive to improve our production performance, reduce and optimise our consumption, minimise waste, and limit our employees’ exposure to workplace risks as far as possible. We encourage strong and continuous engagement and participation of our staff in the development of new solutions favouring sustainability and risk reduction. Priorities such as reuse, waste and production reject management, as well as the intelligent use of energy and water, are shared throughout the organisation.

Our commitment to healthy products

We are constantly concerned with the salubrity of our products, since we are aware they will go into our homes and come into close daily contact with ourselves and our loved ones as we cook, play and relax. We have therefore chosen partners who supply us with “100% Ecological Certified Panels”, guaranteeing raw material made up of 100% post-consumer wood meeting E1 formaldehyde emissions class standards.

Our environmental certifications

Ever since 2005, , we have constantly applied an environmental organisational model compliant with the ISO 14001 standard, issued in 2004. This enables us, in accordance with international standards, to supervise and monitor all internal processes which may have an environmental impact.

IMAB Group
ISO 14001:2004

Our production sites have been certified by the “TUV Nord” certifying body.

Our commitment to energy saving

We have been working since 2010 on the development of projects to produce clean energy and to improve energy efficiency at our plants and sites, investing significantly in power generation using photovoltaic systems.

In association with the Loccioni Group (world leader in the efficient transformation of products, process and industrial plants), we have invested in the “Leaf Community” project to create an eco-sustainable community using natural energy sources.

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“High energy-efficiency solutions, well-being for our staff”

In January 2014 our plants began installing highly energy-efficient solutions, replacing traditional lighting with LED-based systems.
This change to the lighting system has considerably improved performance in terms of colour yield (producing more uniform colours) and has improved well-being for our staff.

Annual consumption up until 2013
(conventional energy)


Annual consumption since 2014
(with photovoltaic)

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Saving on lighting/
saving on oil consumption/


Our commitment to recycling

We strive to reuse the resources we utilise, further reducing the environmental impact of our production operations. We have implemented energy recovery from waste in the unfinished board processing cycle, using waste product to fuel a biomass boiler to generate heat. As well as heating the workplace, the heat generated by the boiler is necessary to guarantee quality standards in the unfinished panel edgebanding process. Solar light tubes have been installed on the ceilings of the commercial offices to use sunlight to light the premises and minimise electricity use.